Meet Arianna, Owner and Lead Artist
Photo by: Jenna Karwoski

I have always been fascinated with Arabic and Indian culture. And when it comes to weddings, I’m even more blown away with how vibrant everything is – the jewelry, the dressing and especially the make up!
East Indian and Arabic bridal make up is a beautiful balance between drama and glow that not only captivates her audience, but also her husband-to-be. With beautiful traditional hues of reds and golds, to other vibrant colors like greens and blues. The palette is vast and combinations are endless. In 2012, I pursued my passion in South Asian bridal makeup and took the plunge, starting my full-time mobile business in Seattle and all over the U.S. My approach to makeup is keeping it gentle and within my clients comfort zone. Whether you want classic elegance or new trends, I’ll work with you to know your preferences and integrate them into a perfect look. It is my top priority to understand your vision and sense of style to bring that forward.

I offer a variety of East Indian and Arabic bridal make up services catered to your exact needs. These include:

Airbrush makeup or Traditional makeup
False eyelash application: strip or individuals
I also offer prices that include a second look as well as full day rates to make sure you are camera ready at all times.

*For larger parties I bring my team to ensure you are done and out in the most timely matter.


More about me:

– I am a mother of 1

– I am self-taught

– I’m a Jill of all trades!

– I once saved a client’s life (ask me later)

– I was born in Seattle

– I was a sous chef before starting my career in beauty – I love to cook!

– I once had to sew a bride into her dress!

– I carry a full kit of Cruelty Free and Certified Gluten Free Makeup